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    Pills Thrills @ Automobiles
    Too Much Punch For Judy
    Legal Weapon
    Vicious Circle
  • "I was very interested to receive your briefing for your new drug drive play...'Pills Thrills @ Automobiles', and am writing to offer my support for the project...we must inform young people of these dangers, and seek to change their attitudes."
    Shadow Minister for Young People.

    "This was an aurally, visually and dramatically shocking depiction of the danger of drink-driving. The Ape Theatre cast were absolutely brilliant. They had our students laughing one minute and crying the next. This was worth ten classroom lectures and if the message that the play had to offer didn't get through with this show, it never will."
    Geoff Carr, Deputy head teacher at Francis Combe Community School and College.

    "Legal Weapon made me think about the dangers on the road, especially as I'm about to start learning to drive myself. Being able to drive will bring freedom and independence, which every young person wants, but it has made me think about the implications involved with speeding and driving irresponsibly."
    Adele Ibbotson, 17, Clitheroe Royal Grammar.

    "The drama presentation they gave was excellent in all areas giving real depth and breadth to all areas of the performance. The students commented on how good and meaningful the performance was."
    Ian Taylor, Head Upper School, Hobart High School.

    "The overwhelming majority of students (95%) who saw the play indicated that they found it enjoyable, compared with 63% of those receiving the RSO presentation and only 31% of those receiving the teacher presentation. Those students who watched the play were more likely than either of the other groups to indicate that they found the presentation hard hitting and that they had learned a lot about drinking and driving."
    Theatre Tours in Road Safety Education An Evaluation - The Scottish Council for Research in Education.

    "We are delighted to invite the Ape Theatre Company back to Southend. This production has a profound effect in raising awareness of the dangers of drink driving, which despite great improvements over the years, is still a factor in too many deaths and injuries on Britainís roads."
    Keith Gammon, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council's Road Safety Officer.

    "Statistics show that 'Theatre in Education' is the most effective and appropriate way to get the message across regarding safer driving for young drivers and this particular production pulls no punches in highlighting the profound effects such incidents have on those affected."
    Councillor Meirion Matthews, executive member for Transportation, Planning and the Environment, Flintshire County Council.

    "Years 12 and 13 were host to the Ape Theatre Company...the morning was very worthwhile and taught us some valuable lessons. The group would certainly be very beneficial to future 6th Form year groups."
    Tom Wright, Kinton High School.

    "The production was simple yet very effective. Living in a rural area, the majority of our students pass their driving tests at 17 and by watching this performance the students were really made to think about the consequences of their actions when behind the wheel. The actors were all excellent. The interactive session at the end was run with great enthusiasm and all of the students were eager to get involved."
    Miss S. Kirk, Methwold High School.